A Rare Meeting Of Venus And The Pleiades In The Night Sky: How, When and Where To See The Pair

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Why is this Venus-Pleiades conjunction unique?

If you look at the night sky on April 2, 3, and 4, 2020, you will easily notice the dazzling planet Venus shining near the Pleiades star cluster, which is also known as the Seven Sisters, Messier 45, M45. Our “sister planet” passes close to that cluster every year, but on April 3 this year skywatchers will have a chance to see a rare super-close Venus-Pleiades conjunction that occurs only once every eight years.

( A view of the Pleiades star cluster from the free astronomy app Star Walk 2 for iOS and Android. )

How and when to see Venus and the Pleiades in the night sky? 🌃

The planet Venus becomes visible in the evening sky as dusk fades, but you will need dark skies to see the Pleiades with no optical aid. Use the stargazing app Star Walk 2 to determine the optimal viewing time and to locate objects in the sky above your location quickly and easily.

Did you know

🔷 The Pleiades is one of the brightest and most beautiful open star clusters in the entire night sky.



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