Comet Lemmon (C/2019 U6) Reaches Its Brightest: How, When And Where To Find It In The Sky

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What is known about Comet Lemmon (C/2019 U6)?

C/2019 U6 (Lemmon) or Comet Lemmon is a comet with a near-parabolic orbit that was discovered by the Mount Lemmon Survey on October 31, 2019. The object was originally classified as an asteroid (A/2019 U6), but later the Minor Planet Center (MPC) announced that it is definitely a comet and redesignated the object as C/2019 U6 (Lemmon).

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Will Comet Lemmon perform?

According to preliminary calculations, Comet Lemmon has the potential to be bright in June 2020. If predictions are correct, the space rock may reach an apparent magnitude of about 5.5 in late June. This means that it should be easily observable even with small binoculars and will become visible to the naked eye under dark, clear skies.

How to find it in the sky?

Comet C/2019 U6 (Lemmon) is currently located near the constellation of Hydra and is better seen from the Southern Hemisphere. According to the Comet Observation database (COBS), the current magnitude of the object is 6.5. On June 23, the comet will sit very close to the constellation’s brightest star — Alphard (Alpha Hydrae).



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