Full Sturgeon Moon in August: Why Is It Called a Blue Moon?

( When is the Full Moon this month? Why Is It Called a Blue Moon? Find answers to these questions and discover the Sturgeon Moon meaning! )

The August Full Moon will be special: not only will it be a rare Blue Moon, but also it will shine in the vicinity of Jupiter and Saturn that are exceptionally bright this month! Read on to figure out what a Blue Moon is, why the Full Moon is also called the Sturgeon Moon, and when to observe the dance of our natural satellite and brilliant gas giants.

What does the Blue Moon mean?

By the way, the term “Blue Moon” has no relation to the actual color of our natural satellite. This traditional name only highlights the rarity of the phenomenon described above. On August 22, the lunar disk will glow a golden hue near the horizon and appear white shining high in the sky.

When is the next Blue Moon?

Is the Moon ever really blue?

What is a Full Sturgeon Moon?

Alternative August Moon Names

  • Native Americans: Sturgeon Moon
  • Cree: Flying Up Moon
  • Assiniboine: Black Cherries Moon
  • Algonquin: Corn Moon
  • Anishinaabe: Ricing Moon
  • Cherokee: Fruit Moon
  • Choctaw: Womens Moon
  • Tlingit: Mountain Shadows Moon
  • Celts: Dispute Moon
  • Colonial Americans: Dog Days Moon
  • Southern Hemisphere: Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Wolf Moon.

When is the Full Moon in August?

When is the next Full Moon?

The Blue Moon dances with dazzling gas giants

The conjunction of the Moon and the ringed planet Saturn will occur on August 20 at 06:15 p.m. EDT (22:15 GMT); then, on August 22 at 12:56 a.m. EDT (04:56 GMT), our natural satellite will meet with another gas giant, Jupiter. Note that even though we provide you with the exact date and time of the conjunctions, it’s not the only moment when the heavenly bodies can be seen relatively close together.

Use our stargazing apps to check the Moon’s phase and easily find and identify Saturn and Jupiter in the sky above you. Moreover, the astronomical apps will help you to determine the best viewing time for your location and discover beautiful constellations and other celestial objects surrounding our natural satellite and gas giants these days.

Wishing you clear skies and happy observations!

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