How And When To See SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites In The Night Sky

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Updated June 24, 2020: When to see Starlink Satellites in June 2020

In June 2020, observers will have one more opportunity to see incredible Starlink satellites in the night sky. Weather permitting, on June 25, at 20:39 GMT (4:39 p.m. EDT), the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will launch the tenth batch of approximately 60 Starlink satellites into orbit. This mission is known as Starlink 9. Falcon 9 with new internet satellites for SpaceX’s megaconstellation will lift off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Follow out news, and you will not miss the satellite ‘train’ in the sky.

How to find Starlink satellites above your location

After the launch of new Starlink satellites, you can find them in our astronomical applications Star Walk 2 and Satellite Tracker by Star Walk. These applications provide detailed, current and accurate information on the position and trajectory of Starlink satellites. In Satellite Tracker by Star Walk, Starlink satellites will appear in the list of objects. To find satellites in Star Walk 2, open the app, go to the search and choose the satellite icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. You will see Starlink satellites at the top of the ‘Main Satellites’ list.

Starlink satellites create a spectacular view in the night sky. They are visible to the naked eye and appear as a string of pearls or a ‘train’ of bright lights moving in a straight line across the dark sky. With our applications, you will be able to quickly find Starlink satellites in the sky from your location and enjoy the light show.

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