Light Pollution: Starless Sky and Damaged Nature

What is light pollution in simple words?

Types of light pollution

  • Skyglow: yellow or orange halo in the night sky;
  • Glare: bright light from passing cars or street lamps;
  • Light trespass: street light shining into your room;
  • Satellite glow: brightening of the sky by artificial satellites.

What is the scale for light pollution?

How to measure light pollution yourself?

Light pollution effects

How to reduce light pollution?

  • Using warm yellow light instead of blue light;
  • Dimming all unnecessarily bright light sources;
  • Shielding light fixtures so that no light escapes into the sky.
  • Turn off lights when you don’t need them;
  • Use warm-colored light bulbs;
  • Switch to LEDs — they waste less electricity;
  • Replace outdoor lights with shielded light fixtures;
  • Install motion sensors on outdoor lamps.




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