Mercury in July 2020: Catch the Elusive Planet!

( Mercury shining in the morning sky in the end of July, 2020. )

Mercury at greatest western elongation

The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, will reach its greatest western elongation on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, at 22:23 GMT, shining at a magnitude of 0.1 in the sky this day. It means that the planet will reach a maximum angle of 20 degrees from the Sun and appear farthest from it as viewed from the Earth, being at its peak visibility for this morning apparition.

Phases of Mercury

Mercury will reach half phase or dichotomy in its 2020 morning apparition on Sunday, July 26, at 09:12 GMT shining at a magnitude of -0.3. Mercury’s position relative to the Earth determines phases of the planet, which are similar to those of the Moon. While passing between the Sun and the Earth, Mercury shows its dark side to our planet. On the contrary, when Mercury lies opposite to the Earth, its sunlit hemisphere is turned towards it. Dichotomy is the half phase, during which the half of Mercury’s Earth-facing side is illuminated by the Sun.



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