Neptune and Fortuna at Opposition

( Neptune and Fortuna at opposition on September 11, 2020. )

Neptune opposite the Sun

On September 11, 2020, at 20:10 GMT (4:10 p.m. EDT) Neptune, the eighth and outermost planet from the Sun, will reach opposition. The planet will be 180° from the Sun in the sky, while the Earth will pass between them. In this position, the Earth-facing side of the ice giant will be almost completely illuminated by the sunlight. Neptune will shine at a magnitude 7.8 in the constellation Aquarius high in the sky on this special night.

Asteroid 19 Fortuna at opposition

The asteroid 19 Fortuna also passes the points of opposition and perigee on September 11, 2020. It will reach opposition at 11:58 GMT (07:58 a.m. EDT) shining in the constellation Pisces. Despite shining at its brightest (its magnitude will be 9.4), this space object won’t be visible with the naked eye. Use binoculars or a small telescope to spot it in the sky.



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