Planets next to the Moon in September 2022

Image Credit: Vito Technology, Inc.

In September 2022, we’ll have a chance to see the Moon next to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. Check our lunar-planetary conjunctions calendar to learn what planet is close to the Moon right now.

On September 8, at 10:31 GMT (6:31 a.m. EDT), two days before the Full Moon, our natural satellite will meet Saturn in the constellation Capricornus. The celestial bodies will be 3°56' apart. The distance is too far for them to fit within the field of view of a telescope. To see both objects at once, use binoculars or observe them with the naked eye. Saturn will shine at a magnitude of 0.3; it might be tricky to spot it next to the 96%-illuminated Moon.

On September 11, at 15:11 GMT (11:11 a.m. EDT), the Moon will pass 1°48' from Jupiter. At the moment of conjunction, both objects will be in the constellation Pisces. The event will occur one day after the Full Moon, and the 96%-illuminated lunar disk will be the brightest spot in the night sky. A telescope will provide the best view of the lunar craters. Opt for binoculars or observe with the naked eye to see the conjunction: Jupiter will shine at a magnitude of -2.9, which is bright enough to be found without optical devices.

On September 17, at 01:41 GMT (September 16, 9:41 p.m. EDT), observe the half-illuminated Moon next to Mars in the constellation Taurus. The distance between them will be 3°36', which is too far to fit within the field of view of a telescope. To see both objects together, you can take binoculars or observe the scene without optical devices: Mars will be within naked-eye visibility, shining at a magnitude of -0.4.

Wishing you clear skies and happy observations!



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