Stargazing Suggestions For March 28–29: How to see a triangle of the Moon, Venus and the Pleiades, asteroid Vesta, Messier objects and Betelgeuse in the sky.

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The Moon, Venus, the Pleiades and Vesta

Start with Venus. The dazzling “evening star” is still shining brightly in the western sky during and after twilight. Our sister planet will continue to get even brighter until April 28. On Saturday and Sunday, March 28 and 29, observers around the world can see a close approach of the moon and Venus in the evening sky. The same evenings, after dark, find the Pleiades, a bright open star cluster also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45, near Venus. The three objects — the moon, Venus and the Pleiades — will form a triangle in the night sky. One of the largest objects in the asteroid belt, Vesta, can be found near the triangle, too.

(A triangle of the moon, Venus and the Pleiades in the night sky of March 28, 2020. Check the best viewing time for your location and find out how to find these objects in the sky with the free stargazing app Star Walk 2 for iOS and Android. )
( Take a look at the red giant Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus on March 28 and 29, 2020. )

The Milky Way, the treasures of Messier’s list, Betelgeuse

With the new moon on March 24, 2020, the Milky Way season started in the Northern Hemisphere.

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( You can find information about the objects from the Messier catalog and identify them in the sky with the stargazing app Star Walk 2. )



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