The Full Snow Moon Dances with Bright Regulus

( Enjoy the astronomical duet in the last days of February. )

When is the Full Moon in February?

To the eye, the Moon can look full for a few nights in a row; however, astronomically speaking, it reaches its full phase at a particular moment — when our natural satellite is 180 degrees opposite the Sun in ecliptic longitude. Thus the Moon will appear full on both nights on February 26 and 27, 2021, but it will officially turn full on February 27, at 03:17 a.m. EST (8:17 GMT), shining among the stars of the constellation Leo.

What is a Full Snow Moon?

Names for the Full Moons come from Native American, Colonial American, and other North American traditions. They reflect the changing seasons and nature, the peculiarities of a particular time of year, or seasonal activities. Let’s find out Full Snow Moon’s meaning.



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