The Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter meet in the night sky

Look at the sky during the last nights of August and see the Moon visiting the two largest planets of the Solar system. Read our article to learn how to observe this bright trio.

( The Moon shines next to the gas giants in the sky during the last nights of August. )

The Moon dances with Jupiter and Saturn

The Moon will make a close approach to the largest planet of the Solar system, Jupiter, on August 29, 2020, at 01:43 GMT. The Moon will shine at a magnitude of -12.4, while Jupiter will be at a magnitude -2.6. On the same day several hours later, at 16:59 GMT, the other gas giant, Saturn (whose magnitude will be 0.1), will join this astronomical duet. Three celestial bodies will meet in the constellation Sagittarius, where Jupiter and Saturn will remain till the end of this year.

The Moon at aphelion

Also, the Moon will pass the aphelion — the furthest point from the Sun in its orbit on August 31, 2020, at 02:37 GMT. While at aphelion, the Moon lies at a distance of 1.0118 AU from the Sun. Usually, the Moon passes this point at the same time that it reaches its full phase, being on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun.

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