The New Moon lets Comet PanSTARRS Persists a Little Longer, and Jupiter sports Red and Black Spots on Wednesday!

(Above: A simulated image of how Jupiter will look on Wednesday evening, June 13, after dusk in the Great Lakes region. The Great Red Spot will be crossing the planet while Jupiter’s moon Europa will cast its round black shadow on the planet’s northern hemisphere. Your telescope might flip or invert the image.)
(Above: The path of Comet C/2016 M1 PanSTARRS during mid-June. Each yellow circle represents 24 hours, with the comet shown at 1 am local time on Monday, June 11, 2018.)
(Above: For a short time after sunset on Thursday, June 14, Mercury and the very young moon will appear over the WNW horizon, as shown here at 9:50 pm local time.)
(Above The brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter bracket the evening sky this week, as shown here at 11 pm local time. Venus, near Gemini, will set in late evening. Look for the lovely double star Zubenelgenubi sitting just below Jupiter all summer.)
(Above: While Jupiter is already visible in the evening sky this week, Saturn joins it after mid-evening, and Mars begins to rise before midnight at the end of this week! The sky is shown here for June 11 at 1 am local time.)



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