The ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse, an Ancient Yule, a Comet in the Camel Leopard, and a Flight through Pegasus!

‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse 2019 ☀️

The Moon and Planets 🌏 💫

The moon will spend this week completing the final stages of its monthly orbit of Earth and then re-appearing in the western post-sunset sky by week’s end.

( Close approach of the moon and Venus. A view from the free stargazing app Star Walk 2 for iOS and Android. )
( Use bright Venus to locate much dimmer Saturn in the sky. Star Walk 2 for iOS and Android will help you easily locate objects in the sky. )
( Uranus shining above the stars that form the head of Cetus. )

A Christmas Star? 💫

Seeing Venus every evening nowadays, it’s easy to imagine that sky-watchers of old could be captivated by Venus’ brilliance and name it a “Christmas Star”. But Venus puts on these celestial showings every two or three years — hardly a rare occurrence. The event that may have spawned the biblical story of wise men following a star in the east, was a planetary conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus that occurred in the pre-dawn sky in November of the year 1 CE. In fact, on one of those mornings, Venus and Jupiter were so close together that they might have looked like a single, extra-bright object!

Andromeda’s Family — the Wings of Pegasus

Late fall and winter evening skies feature a group of easy-to-see constellation that are the characters in a grand story from Greek mythology — the tale of Princess Andromeda and the hero Perseus. This week, we’ll look at Pegasus — the westernmost constellation in the set. But let’s flesh out his story a little first…

( The constellation of Pegasus. More info about it is available in the free stargazing app Star Walk 2 for iOS and Android. )



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