Above: The ISS crosses the sky above Stonehenge in this composite of exposures by Tim Burgess of Wiltshire, UK taken on April 20, 2013

Young Moon and Venus in evening, Bright Planets at Dawn, and You Can’t Be Sirius!

In early evening on Tuesday, January 31, shown here at 8 pm local time, the crescent moon joins Venus and Mars in the western sky.Image via Star Walk 2 app.
The eastern pre-dawn sky contains Jupiter, Saturn and, for a few more days, Mercury, as shown here at 6:45 am local time on January 29, 2017. Image via Star Walk 2.
The night sky’s brightest star, Sirius the Dog star, flashes bright colours from its position low in the southern mid-winter evening sky, shown here at 9 pm. Image via Star Walk 2.



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Star Walk

Star Walk


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